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Medical Monday 11.25.13: New Multiple Sclerosis Rehab Program at Cary Medical Center

| November 26, 2013


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A new program aimed at helping county patients living with multiple sclerosis is set to launch at Cary Medical Center.  Patients who sign up for the rehab program might be ONE STEP closer to self sufficiency. Michelle Slike and Molly Thornton are testing out the new lite gait equipment that will help many multiple sclerosis patients who come to Cary’s Outpatient and Rehab Services for care. As a physical therapist Slike says the number of patients she’s seeing with MS is growing…and so is the need for innovative technology like this. “Its kind of amazing how many people have MS in the county and I see even as a physical therapist throughout the year even more and more people coming in with that diagnosis so we need to raise awareness that yes it does exist but also there is stuff that you can do to help these individuals,” says Slike. What Outpatient and Rehab Services IS DOING is launching a program called A Step in the Right Direction. Slike says through a three tier partnership of CARY physical, occupational and speech  therapists MS PATIENTS will learn how to take their lives back from a debilitating disease that affects motor function via the brain and spinal cord. Slike says “what we have here is a team approach with our therapists that we work toward using therapy, exercise and other aspects of our treatment to help those that do have MS.” According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the condition affects approximately 400 thousand Americans. But Slike says the program can help turn people’s lives around. “I see how they’re doing look at their balance, look at their strength and their walking and from there we can individualize plan of care now they come in a couple of hours at a time and we really look at their goals helping them to be more independent and decrease their fall risk,” adds Slike. Overall she says, she’s seen how the treatment has helped some of her patients in years past.”Its amazing to see the outcomes that we’ve had, here at the clinic we have this equipment to help these patients return to their function, to give them hope and to show them that yes they can get better there’s something they can do.”

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