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Medical Monday 10.28.13: Breast Cancer Assembly At Houlton H.S.

| October 29, 2013


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Houlton High School Students are filing in for a very important school assembly. It’s called “GET YOUR PINK ON” and is aimed at educating these young people about breast cancer. Sue Pierce Houlton is a guidance counselor and says

“Its important because there are still a lot of myths out there and we’re beginning to finally realize that it’s a disease that covers large age spans and both genders.” The presentation featured a student produced video promoting breast cancer awareness where survivors, family members and community leaders each discuss how the disease has made a significant impact. Students from the high school video production class worked on the film for more than six months. They say putting it together was not just meant to be a learning experience for people who watch the video…but turned out to be one FOR THEM while shooting it. Lexi Bartlett enjoyed participating in the video production and says “You never really think about breast cancer cause you never think it can happen to you or anyone you know and luckily I haven’t been affected by it but it definitely can happen and I think its good to be educated about it.”

While the high school students are statistically too young to be diagnosed with breast cancer it could come later in life…and beyond that they can be impacted by the disease through a friend, family member or other loved one. That’s why education is important.

“I thought I knew the gist of it, but there’s a lot that people really don’t know like I kind of had the idea that men could get it too but I didn’t realize how many men were affected by breast cancer and how many people in general were affected by it each year.” says student Nicholas Guy.  “In some cases, what I learned in this video is that age really doesn’t matter, you could be nine years old and have breast cancer so I think they should do daily check ups and just really take it seriously.” adds student Kayla Whitney. Holly Hodgkins is the Houlton H.S. School Nurse and says “We thought if we had the students become involved it would be more personal.” The Houlton high school student council also collected money for their project “CHANGE FOR CHANGE”. Funds collected will go to help Bridge to Hope and Get in Touch, two local breast cancer awareness programs. Students say the assembly, video and funds is their way to make a positive difference in a disease that’s taken the lives of so many.

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