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Medical Monday 1.6.14: TAMC Maternity Unit Gets High Rankings

| January 7, 2014


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The New Year has brought the arrival of good news to the Aroostook Medical Center, ranking their maternity unit one of the highest in the state for quality care.  This beautiful newborn is just a few hours into the world. But already he’s getting the utmost care and attention say TAMC Maternity Staff. And now THE UNIT is getting attention and high praise as being one of the best in Maine for its maternity services. Pamela Lilley is the Manager of TAMC’s Women and Children’s Health services and says “its great to be recognized for what we do here at TAMC the staff are wonderful we hold meetings once a month with the providers and staff to talk about ways to make our unit better to deliver safe care and to make sure patients get what they deserve.” The Maine Health Management Coalition Foundation and independent health watchdog group Leapfrog gave TAMC high marks in three categories related to maternity, including early elective delivery, episiotomy and maternity care processes. In the area of early elective delivery TAMC bested the national goal of 5 percent or less with a rate of 3.4 percent, a number quite noticeable and notable for a rural hospital. Lilley says one way they’re achieving goals is the stress on having state of the art technology and obstetric advancements. And they’re always looking at the future. “We’re currently looking at new warmers which will help give us technology to go down to the OR with the mom, we’re currently looking at new monitoring systems for pediatric patients we’re looking at new monitoring systems in the delivery systems and moving to electronic carding which will help the transition if you’re going to Bangor or anywhere else,” says Lilley. Maine is the only state in the nation where 100 of the hospitals participate in the survey. The survey and data collected from it is important because it helps to recognize safety standards and trends in delivering babies. Lilley says TAMC also takes into account patient feedback. Lilley concludes TAMC staff take that feedback along with ranking from past surveys to determine inhouse ways they can improve and DELIVER to patients the best quality of care.

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