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Medical Monday 1.27.14: Health Benefits of Soups

| January 29, 2014


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The cold weather can pose a challenge to the immune system and make you susceptible to getting a cold or flu. This week, we examine the health benefit of soups. Soups are a comfort food remedy that’ll be a real big boost to the immune system and tastes MMM MMM good. Chicken soup might be good for the soul but its also good for your overall health. Soups, chowders and stews are more than just good comfort food…there’s comfort in knowing they’re jam packed with all kinds of vitamins, minerals and illness fighting abilities. Kim MaloneĀ is a Registered Dietician for Cary Medical Center and says “Using a variety of vegetables in your soup contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidents they help protect ourselves against damage which can help prevent certain cancers. Vegetable based soups are naturally cholesterol free and are high in fiber therefore they can help prevent or reduce risk of heart disease help control type II diabetes.” In addition to that Malone says mothers are right in touting the benefits of soups in fighting off colds and the flu. Malone says “Actually drinking the broth can help break up mucous and loosen congestion.” She adds drinking soup broth is also great in fighting dehydration when you’re sick. But before you run out to stock your pantry with all kinds of canned soups, Malone says TAKE SOUP STOCK in one important piece of advice. Make your soups from scratch. “Canned soups or soup starters tend to be very high in salt a lot of them contain just in one serving more than half of our recommended daily requirements for salt so you really wanna make your own soup,” adds Malone. Finally she says feel free to pile up your soup recipes with all kinds of healthy ingredients including vegetables and… “Whole wheat pasta is a great addition to a soup it increases the fiber content adding legumes such as lentils, chick peas, lima beans is an excellent source of protein and an additional source of fiber.” Some sage advice that’ll have you feeling SOUP-ER duper throughout cold and flu season.

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