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Media Tour New Cross Insurance Center

| August 16, 2013


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We are fast forwarding to the winter of 2014. The Eastern Maine Basketball  Tournament will be held in the brand new Cross Insurance Center beginning on Friday February 14th. Members of the media and representatives of the Maine Principals Association were given a tour of the recently complete facility on Thursday. Rene Cloukey was there and has this report.


The Cross Insurance  Center is now open and the ticket office is busy preparing for the first shows at the center in September. Mike Dyer the General Manager of the new facility gave  MPA Media Advisory Committee members a tour of the building  and he said their reaction was similar  to every other group who has walked into the Center.

Mike Dyer General Manager Cross Insurance Center.  “That is why we love giving tours watching peoples reaction to the building. Everybody expects a new building but very few people expect the new building plus all the amenities.”

It looks much different then the last tour back in February when the Cross Insurance Center was still being constructed. The building is in stark contrast to the Bangor Auditorium  with uncomfortable bleacher seats and a leaky roof

“There are no bad seats and no uncomfortable seats. two big plusses. All individual seats with backs and most of them have cup holders.”

John Bapst and Brewer will both play home games there this season and the University of Maine will play most of their games in the building,  it is a multi use facility that will bring in some big names to perform  The goal is that the new building will be a destination for people from all over the state.

” Right now we have on sale Harlem Globetrotters for the 20th and 21st of September, Sesame Street Live and then Jeff Dunham”

There is an attached Civic Center that could serve a sit down meal for up to 1100 people . Workers are still doing some touch up work around the area and Center staff are still getting used to all the bells and whistles

” A few cleanup issues. A couple of other things still some systems that we need to figure out how they work. Everything is computerized now a days and some of the systems take a little bit of time to get used to. More or less the building is ready to go.”

Six months and counting to the basketball tournament and most people will be blown away by the facility the first time they walk in. Rene Cloukey Newssource Sports



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