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MBTA Awards 19 Million Dollar Contract to MMA in Limestone

| June 20, 2014

MMA from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Maine Military Authority in Limestone could soon get a whole lot busier. This week the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority awarded a 19 million dollar contract to the company in Limestone to refurbish 32 buses.

“Everyone’s thrilled. They really are, especially with the unknowns of the military budget the national guard bureau decrease in the budget and we had to have that layoff last year, at least we know we’re on the road to stabilizing at least what we have and hopefully we’ll grow more in the future,” said Tim McCabe, director of business development at MMA.

MMA laid off 140 employees last year. McCabe says this contract is pending right now but he’s 99 percent sure it’s going to go through. Right now he doesn’t know what the numbers will look like for potential new employment – he’s focusing on keeping the 60 employees there now, at work.

“If they can bring back a portion of the people that they laid off, that would be great,” said Limestone Town Manager Donna Bernier.

She was excited to hear the news. She says MMA employs people from Limestone and surrounding communities. McCabe says they’re hoping to give these buses at least 4-5 more years of service life.

“The actual contract will consist of disassembly, repair, upgrade as necessary, and then reassembly,” said McCabe.

The company has 17 years of experience fixing up military equipment..and though they’re relatively new to the transportation side. McCabe says there’s no other New England company that does this overhaul, so he’s hoping this gets MMA some good exposure in that market.

“We look forward to getting this one going and obviously concentrating on MBTA and the other big cities in New England including down to region 2 — meaning New York, and New Jersey to chase overhaul programs down there as well,” he said.

“We hope that MMA is here forever, they’re a great addition to our community,” said Bernier.

McCabe says he expects to get word to go ahead by the end of July.

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