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Mars Hill TAMC Aroostook Health Center Earns Several Honors

| July 8, 2014


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The Aroostook Health Center in Mars Hill has been the recent recipient of several honors, and as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos’s the only nursing home’s in this part of the state to receive the rankings…

Aroostook Health Center Activity Coordinator Vicki Jeckson said, “The Aroostook Health Center works as a team. It’s a home, they’ve made a home for these residents.”

The Aroostook Health Center is 1 of only 4 nursing homes in the state, and the only north of Winthrop and Farmington to receive the highest ranking for their overall performance in health inspections, nurse staffing, and quality of medical care.

Aroostook Health Center Administrator Kelly Lundeen said, “We visit with the residents daily, and those are the people that we’re listening to so we’re trying to day to day provide that care, just because that’s what they deserve.”

Resident Winston Howlett said, “Very good, very good, wonderful people.”

Mary Giberson has been there for almost a year and says she couldn’t ask for a better staff or facility.

Resident Mary Giberson said, “It’s home for me I have no place else to go this is my home and I love it. They should get a 10 star the highest stars they can get, they just do a beautiful job.”

It’s a healthcare facility that’s committed to the community, and the residents that it serves. It regularly conducts surveys with residents and their families to monitor the quality of service.

” My family wants me to move to Presque Isle or Caribou and I don’t want to I want to stay here,” said Giberson.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has also approved the Aroostook Health Center in Mars Hill as a Pioneer Accountable Organization, which means a provider can refer patiently directly to AHC without requiring an impatient evaluation.

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