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Mars Hill Couple Celebrate 71st Wedding Anniversary in Style

| June 25, 2014


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One Mars Hill couple are sharing their secrets for a long, happy marriage. And they can certainly be called experts, having been married 71 years today. Shawn Cunningham caught up with the high school sweethearts who celebrated their anniversary in style.

We’ve had some wonderful years together.”

Wilda and Delbert McCrum are buckling up for a trip down memory lane. And what a trip it’ll be…in style. Inside this white limousine, the couple are reenacting their first date making pitstops to everywhere they first went, and first fell in love. What a great way to spend your 71st wedding anniversary. They were married June 24th, 1943. But as Wilda remembers, that first date almost didn’t happen.

DM: “when I first asked you out?”

WM:” when you asked me out? He asked me out when I was a junior in high school and he was only a sophomore I told him I didn’t wanna go because I didn’t want to play second fiddle cause he had asked another girl but it turned out I decided to go which I’m glad.”

And that decision led to a 71 year marriage full of joy, laughter and travel. The couple have trekked through 49 states in a motorhome. They have 5 kids, ten grandkids and 14 great grand. Like a page out of romantic noir, THE NOTEBOOK a few years ago Wilda moved into the nursing home in Mars Hill. And shoirtly after Delbert followed suit, needing to be right next to his sweetheart. Even after 71 years, they clearly have chemistry.

Wilda says “it seemed like we just clicked when we first met.”

On that first date, the couple climbed Mars Hill mountain for a picnic with two other couples. Wilda says over the years, the look of the mountain has changed. And so have they for that matter. A little older, a lot wise, and even more in love.

“honor one another and it seems like we respect one another and that’s important in a marriage and of course love,” says Wilda.

And Delbert has his own reasoning of why the marriage has such longevity.

“do what she asks..” says Delbert.Shawn Cunningham, NS 8.

Whichever advice you believe, both sets have clearly worked well for the Mccrums. Their love is river deep and MOUNTAIN HIGH.

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