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Mapleton Fire results in total loss

| December 16, 2013


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Nancy Turmenne looks at what is left of her home at 372 Hughes road in Mapleton.  A pile of wood is all that is left of the Turmenne household.

“It was a beautiful home, it was probably the prettiest, I have a brand new home but that’s probably the prettiest home I’ve ever lived in. We loved it and we had a lot of good memories in it,” said Nancy.

Firefighters from multiple towns arrived to the scene a little after 2:15 P.M. on Saturday. They began with an interior attack but Mapletons Assistant Fire Chief, Adam Rider told us, that they had to go into defense mode.

“We were working several hours on the scene. We ended up having to call in an excavator later in the evening, basically tear the structure down,” Said Assistant Chief Rider.

Firefighters were able to save the barn and garage but the fire destroyed the house.  A fire that came at a tough time.

“It’s just an awful time for me and my family to have to be going through this.  My husband passed away December of last year and now this is what happens this December,” Said Nancy.

Nancy said she lost a lot of her husbands belongings as well as memories. The cause of the fire is still unknown at this time, but Assistant Chief Rider wanted to remind everyone of some home fire safety tips this winter.

“Everyone check their smoke alarms, we are in the heating season, temperatures give the heating season a work out please have your heating systems checked by a service technician. If you burn wood please try to clean your chimneys and inspect your stoves,” Said Assistant Chief Rider.

As for Nancy this holiday season, she said, “Now its time to pick the pieces up and start over again.”

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