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Man Facing Murder Charge, Richmond Corner Community Heartbroken

| October 7, 2013

Richmond Corner from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Friends and neighbors describe the woman who lived inside a home on Route 555 in Richmond Corner New Brunswick as “a wonderful person who would do anything in the world for you”. No one in this small community can even begin to fathom what would cause anyone to kill 82 year old Sarah Kennedy, but according to police, that’s exactly what happened.

She was always very nice,” says friendĀ Charlie Atkinson. “Treated all of us kids in the community good when we were growing up and its just terrible I couldn’t believe that somebody could be that sick to do something like that..”

“We were always friends, she was a good neighbor and I thought the world of her,” says best friend Marjorie Anderson.

The RCMP were called to Kennedy’s home on Saturday. Neighbors tell us a family member found her body inside her home that morning. Right now we don’t know the exact cause of her death, an autopsy was taking place today. Police however did make an arrest in connection with her death – they took 19 year old Kyle Edmund Scott into custody later Saturday afternoon. Though not everyone knows all the details in this alleged murder, it has most people in the area shaken up.

Gwen Anderson of Richmond Corner says, “The first thing I thought of I said to my husband let’s go lock the door..I never lock the door day or night, and now I lock it all the think somebody in our area..who would think Richmond corner would have a murder?”

As the investigation into this tragic death continues, friends tell me they still can’t believe she’s gone. They agree that adjusting to the loss won’t be easy.

Atkinson says, “She sure didn’t deserve that..I’m sorry to the family..this is going to be a big loss for the community here.”

“We always had coffee and just sat there and chatted,” says Anderson. “And that is one thing I’m going to miss and I’m going to miss very badly…ya know I’m sure going to miss her, I know that.”

Scott has been charged with second degree murder. He’s currently in custody and is scheduled to appear in Woodstock Provincial Court on Thursday to enter a plea.

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