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Man Arrested for Distributing Crack

| April 16, 2014


The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency announced the arrest of a Portland man for distributing Crack Cocaine throughout greater Portland.  21 year old Ian Nono is charged with two counts of Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs (Crack Cocaine) and Refusing to Submit to Arrest.

Beginning in early February, agents from the MDEA Cumberland District Task Force began investigating reports that Nono, who also goes by the street name “Night”, was distributing Crack Cocaine. Over the next two months, an undercover agent met with Nono and purchased crack.  Nono instructed the agent where in Portland to meet to conduct the drug transactions and would arrive at those locations in his Mercedes Benz SUV to deliver the Crack Cocaine.

Tuesday afternoon, Nono met with and sold Crack Cocaine to an undercover agent in the area of Canco Road and Washington Avenue. Upon completion of the sale, Nono was approached by agents and uniformed Portland Police in order to place Nono under arrest, but he refused to submit by struggling with officers and fleeing. He was subsequently taken into custody and transported to the Cumberland County Jail.

Agents later searched Nono’s residence at 88 Tamarlane in  Portland. Seized were two handguns and ammunition. One of the handguns has been confirmed stolen from Clearwater, Florida. Also seized was over $3,000 in suspected drug proceeds, suspected counterfeit currency and other items indicative of drug trafficking.

Additional charges are expected to be brought against Nono, as well as others involved during Nono’s distribution of Crack Cocaine to undercover agents.

Bail has been set for Nono at $10,000.

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