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Maine Winter Sports Center Receives Major Gift

| February 27, 2014


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The Maine Winter Sports Center has received a significant gift that could help fund the programs for the next year.


At a press conference this morning  It’s President made an announcement that could generate nine hundred thousand dollars for the organization Rene Cloukey was the announcement and has the story.


Andy Shepard was all smiles this morning and that’s because

Presque Isle Native Mary Smith has made a significant contribution to Maine Winter Sports Center. Smith has given a gift of one hundred thousand dollars  and offered an additional four hundred thousand dollar matching grant.

Shepard:” I had to believe given the impact the Maine Winter Sports Center has had over the last 15 years that there would be people who would value what we do. Mary has done so in a remarkable way.”

Smith has stipulated that she will match dollar for dollar up to 400 hundred thousand dollars any money donated to Maine Winter Sports between now and April 30th.

Shepard:” nine hundred thousand dollars will ensure that we have at least enough for another year of operations.  What I really wanted was to get me one more year to be able to work on  long term sustainability strategy. That will include endowments.”

Both the 10th Mountain Center in Fort Kent and the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle have hosted several major events over the years including World Cup Biathlon events at both venues. This week the IBU World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships are underway. Kamran Husain of Fort Kent is one of the competitors

Hussain:” Maine Winter has been very very helpful  for me because it has been there since I first started skiing.  It’s helped me progress to become a part of an International team.”

Cross Country skier Sarah Becker from Yarmouth graduated from High School last year and is using this season as Post Grad training before leaving for College in the fall.

Becker:” Not only have I been able to take my skiing to the next level, but I have been able to have a post grad experience. Kind of a break from High School and getting ready for College and all that brings.

Maine Winter Sports Center has put thousands of youngsters on skis over the last 15 years and earlier this month, Russell Currier became the organizations  first Home Grown Olympian, Brian Hamel the Chairman of the Maine Winter Sports Centers Board of Directors thanks the Libra Foundation for the support over the last 15 years.

Hamel:”We are going through a reorganization. The Libra Foundation has been a tremendous partner for us for 15 years and has allowed us to build programs and facilities that are World Class.  Now it’s time for us to come up with a new funding  so Mary’s generosity will allow us to  move to that next level.”

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