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Maine Warden service speaks on yesterdays bullet incident at Northern Maine Regional Airport

| November 19, 2013


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Monday morning a stray bullet went through a window of an office at the Northern Maine Regional Airport, and it was confirmed that it was in fact a hunting incident.

“That is under investigation, we had officers off today forensically mapping the scene of the evidence that was found yesterday and as soon as their done compiling the report its going to be presented to the DA’s office for possible reckless firearms charges.”Daniel Menard, Sergeant with the Maine Warden Service told us.

The reckless firearms charges is about a $1000 dollar fine and could have jail time involved. Menard told us that their main concern with yesterdays accident is that next time, it may not be a terminal building, it may be a person, which is why hunter identification laws are put in place in Maine.

Menard told us that hunters should not only be aware of the target that they are shooting at but also what could be behind it.

“Whether your hunting or target practicing, you are responsible for what is beyond your target, and the general area may not be the safest or the smartest place to be hunting, but just because its not posted and you can legally be there doesn’t mean you should necessarily be there.” said Menard.

Menard said that it is hard to say if the airport incident was rare, it is not out of the realm of possibility that a building is struck by a bullet but it does not happen everyday. He did say that every year there is at least one fatal incident of a hunter shooting another hunter.

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