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Maine Sports Legends: Kathy Mazzuchelli

| October 2, 2013

mazzuchelliweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Kathy Mazzuchelli of Caribou is no stranger to athletics in Aroostook County. Mazzuchelli has been involved in sports in many different ways over the years from officiating to working with youngsters at the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department. Mazzuchelli will be inducted into the Maine Sports Legends on Sunday October 13th.


” I was surprised when I got the call. It is nice to have people you work with your whole career are willing to recognize some of the things you do.  i felt very honored  that they took the time to put in a nomination and it was accepted.”


Mazzuchelli is involved in all aspects of Sports and Recreation. She is the voice of the Snowmobile Trail Report. She is very involved in all aspects of sports in the County and is also very active in the Maine Recreation and Parks Association .

” To give kids the skills that they need to unwrap their potential. To be able to help them achieve and aspire to become what they would like to become.  It has been a wonderful opportunity and that is why we do what we do.”

Mazzuchelli is one of the driving forces behind the Hershey Track and Field in th State and each year at least five Maine Youngsters compete at the  North American Championships in Hershey Pennsylvania

” It teaches kids it doesn’t matter where they come from. It’s what they have in their heart that helps them achieve great things. We take them out to Pennsylvania to meet kids from all over the Country. From little towns to big cities and they find out they have a lot more in common then they think.”

from swim meets to baseball tournaments to soccer games to tennis matches to activities from paddling to hiking. people of all ages flock to the recreation department to be active and involved.

” It’s a good feeling to see people benefit from what you have offered over the years.”

The Massachusetts native has spent 38 years working in Caribou helping youngsters to Senior Citizens stay active and involved

” When you find a job that you love you will never work a day in your life.  I have really been blessed. Caribou is a great community with great support, great people, great families. Aroostook County as a whole what a wonderful place to bring up a child and a family”

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