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Maine Health Overhaul

| December 9, 2013

Health Concerns

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Nearly a dozen of Maine’s largest communities are more than 15 miles from the nearest navigator or other assister who can help sign people up for coverage on the health care exchange.
The information compiled by the Maine Health Access Foundation was presented Monday to a panel that’s overseeing the rollout of the federal health care overhaul in Maine.

MHAF examined the 77 Maine towns where most people work and shop and where most hospitals and colleges are located. It found that 11 of them are more than 15 miles from the nearest assistance. The analysis doesn’t include navigators for the Maine Lobsterman’s Association and some other assisters.

Mitchell Stein of Consumers for Affordable Health Care says people in underserved areas can also call statewide help lines for assistance.

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