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Maine Criminal Justice Academy Holds Testing In Presque Isle

| May 14, 2014

CJAcademyExams from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Two required exams for anyone in the county looking to get into law enforcement in Maine, are going to be available at a much closer location than the academy in Vassalboro.  It’s the first time The Maine Criminal Justice Academy is holding the exams else where.

In an effort to make it more convenient and with less travel, The University of Maine at Presque Isle will host the ALERT Exam, and physical fitness testing for law enforcement careers.

Maine State Police Lt. John Cote, “The ALERT test is the written portion which really is a two hour exam to gauge reading comprehension and scholastic skills that are needed to be a law enforcement officer.

That written exam will be in a classroom on UMPI’s campus, then in the same day, the physical test will be held at Gentile Hall.

In the physical exam there’s going to be a push up test and a sit up test and they’re very specific. With the pushups, your chest is going to have to hit a 3 inch sponge from the ground.  And with the sit ups they’re very specific as well, the fingers are going to have to be interlaced behind the head, and the elbows will have to touch the top of the knees.

Then they’ll have to run a mile and a half on the track which is 17 laps. Requirements for the physical testing is based on gender and age. Having the testing in presque isle is great for area residents because it’s normally held at the Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro.

Fred Thomas, Safety and Security coordinator at UMPI, “We’ve been working with the academy to try and get the alert test and physical fitness test here and I didn’t know Lt. Cote also talked to the academy and we just kind of pulled our heads together and we pulled this off.”

The exams are open to criminal justice students from both UMPI and UMFK, even those who are not criminal justice students.

Lt. Cote, “Anyone that’s considering or has considered in the past being interested in law enforcement, it’s a way for them to gauge their skill set both scholastically and physically to see, hey am I ready to be taking that step.”

The academy hopes for a great turn out which can lead to the potential of having the exams in Presque Isle every year.  UMFK had 15 students graduate with criminal justice degrees this year, and UMPI will have 14 this year.

The exams are next week on Tuesday May 20th.  The written exam starts at 1pm at Folsom Hall, the physical fitness exam is at 3:30pm at Gentile Hall.  For more information on the exams visit <>


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