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Maine AG Says Trooper Justified in Using Deadly Force

| April 1, 2014


HOLLIS, Maine (AP) – Maine’s attorney general says it was reasonable for a trooper to use deadly force to protect himself and other officers when he fatally shot a Hollis man during an armed confrontation in December.

Authorities say 61-year-old John Knudsen was shot after he fired a gun toward troopers outside his home on Dec. 12. Police say he came to the doorway and fired a shot directly toward Trooper Tyler Stevenson and another officer. Stevenson fired twice; the second round hit Knudsen.

Attorney General Janet Mills said Tuesday Stevenson reasonably believed that unlawful deadly force was imminently threatened against him and others.

Troopers had been called to the home that morning by Knudsen’s wife, who said he had threatened to kill himself. Police spent several hours on the phone with Knudsen.

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