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Madawaska Mega Bucks Winners Say Life Won’t Change

| February 28, 2014


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What are the odds you could win the lottery. That’s exactly what happened to one lucky couple in Madawaska. They hit the MEGABUCKS JACKPOT for three million dollars. Jeanne and Robert Gagnon buy lottery tickets at Bob’s Neighborhood Inc. everyday. But on February 19th, Jeanne almost didn’t. At the last minute she changed her mind…and that decision changed her life. That’s the day the GAGNON’s hit the megabucks jackpot for a whopping 3 million dollars. Jeannie Gagnon says “My son told us the numbers on the telephone and I thought he was joking me at first but then he played it back and yeah, it was for real.”  “I was surprised, stunned and awake,” adds Robert Gagnon. Pete Williams is the Owner of Bob’s Neighborhood Inc. and says “We had it narrowed down to about three customers and so we were pretty excited when they came in the next morning and soon as they pulled in we realized it was them right away.” Susan Williams is the other Owner of Bob’s Neighborhood Inc. and sold the Gagnon’s the winning ticket. “We’re very excited very happy for them, couldn’t go to a better family, they’re very good customers, very excited.” It only too six numbers to change the lives of these Madawaska retirees forever. The numbers of 4-11-17-18-28 and MEGABALL 2. But Jeannie and Robert say they don’t plan on uprooting their lives one bit. The Gagnons are staying put. Robert says oh yeah, if they leave us alone, yeah..(he laughs)” “I’m still gonna keep knitting (she laughs) I used to go to the craft shows well I don’t know about the craft shows but I’ll be knitting.” says Jeannie. And while most people dream of winning the lottery and making big purchases like a mansion, sports cars or fancy trips around the world, Robert and Jeannie only want to…”build a garage when the weather’s right if we can find a carpenter with a decent rate of pay,” says Jeanne. Jeanne says they opted to receive an annual payment of 70 thousand dollars over the next 30 years that when its all said and done will come out to 2.1 million. Bob’s Neighborhood Inc. Also gets a payment of 30 thousand dollars for selling the winning ticket. As for the Gagnons, they’ll keep coming in to buy a ticket everyday. And who knows…lightning could strike twice.  Afterall you have to be IN IT, to WIN IT.

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