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Madawaska Four Corners Park Renovations Almost Complete

| March 6, 2014


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A park renovation project in Madawaska is almost complete. Construction to renovate the Four Corners Park began in 2008. In the last six years, a lot has been done including new signs and monuments.

And now the project is in the final phase of construction, just needing two more additions.

The Four Corners Park in Madawaska is entirely snow covered. But come spring and summer it will be covered with wall to wall tourists, like the upcoming World Acadian Congress. That’s the hope of the Madawaska Four Corners Park Association, and why they’ve been so committed to completing the park’s renovation. Joseph LaChance is the President of the Madawaska Four Corners Park Association and says “We wanna create a place where tourism will come all over the United States to come to this part of the country and its helping the entire state of Maine because if you’re going through the state traveling you’re spending money all over the state.”

LaChance says the park renovation is about 95 percent done, costing about two hundred thousand dollars all from donations from local people, businesses and civic groups. Now all that’s left is the erection of a decorative archway at the park’s entrance.

“The archway has to be 35 feet from the center of the road so we’re gonna be about 10 feet inside the roadway,” says LaChance.

Along with that LaChance says they want to put in a stage, where the community can enjoy local entertainment.”

“Small groups of musicians if they want a place to practice its gonna be a place where they can  practice music any type of entertainment is gonna be free for them to use.”

LaChance says the cost of putting in both the archway and stage will be between 16-22 thousand dollars. That phase of the project will hopefully begin this fall if they can get the funding. In the meantime, LaChance says the park remains a worthwhile investment in promoting tourism.

“I think its something they’ll bring other people to see its quite nice,” adds LaChance.


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