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Local Reaction to Russell Currier Making Olympic Team

| January 13, 2014

russolympicweb from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Russell Currier’s parents were watching the results intently over the weekend and yesterday they received the good news.


Debbie Currier: “There was a little e mail that came across that said this is your son and who just made the Olympic team. It was wonderful to see that.”

Russell’s father Chris was also walking on air. Stopping to talk to other citizens of the town as they offered their congratulations.  Chris said Russ has always been focused on this dream

“Chris Currier:” I was always amazed at his drive.  He never let the downs keep him down. He fought right back.”

Anderson’s store in Stockholm is one of the hubs of activity in the community. Suzy Anderson who used to own Eureka Hall said that currier worked in her restaurant and that she is very proud of his accomplishments.

Suzy Anderson:” He is our hero. He is our Hometown Hero. He has worked very very hard for this.”

It’s not only Stockholm it’s all of the County and the State who are offering congratulatory messages. Reno’s Family Restaurant in Caribou has posted it on their sign in front of the building.

“Shellie Doody Corriveau:” We heard the news last night. My husband and I were pretty excited. He went to school with our son and graduated from Caribou High School. So we were excited to hear he was chosen for the Olympics.”

Will Sweetser of Maine Winter Sports has worked with Currier since day one and said by the second year of training he could see that Russ had the potential and the drive

“Will Sweetser:” It takes a couple of years of real focused training to know what is under the hood. Within those two years Russell had moved from good Middle School Racer up to podium places at Jr. Nationals.”

Seth Hubbard is the Maine Winter Sports Center Biathlon Coach and has worked with Russ as both a teammate and as a coach

“Seth Hubbard:” I actually got to know Russell back on 06 when I was still an athlete. To have that transition from being an older athlete on the team and seeing this athlete develop and see where he is now.”

Debbie says there have been a lot of ups and downs over the years so they tried to stay as even keel as they could. But today it hit her.

Debbie Currier: “Yesterday it was like he made it and I was like a zombie all day long Today it really hit me. Off and on I felt like crying and people are congratulating me. Today is a different day and it seems to be really hitting.”

Russell Currier Olympian has a very nice ring to it…

“Debbie Currier:” Boys that sounds good.  Makes me proud….

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