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Local Photographer prepares Care Packages for Soldiers

| November 6, 2013


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A picture is worth a thousand words, and it may be worth even more to a soldier that’s away from home for the holidays. One local photographer in Presque Isle spent the entire weekend snapping hundreds of them virtually free of charge as a part of holiday care packages to ship to soldiers overseas.

PICTURE this: over 55 photography sessions for a soldiers heart warming holiday towards filling care packages with family photos and an assortment of everyday essentials.

Samantha White of Samantha Marie Photography said, “It was at least 10 dollars for shipping and then people donated at least 2 necessities and 2 fun things for the soldiers for the packages, and most people donated a lot more than that.”

Samantha says it took over 16 hours to take all of the photographs, but that doesn’t include all the time it took to put together over 35 care packages filled with family photographs and all kinds of goodies for the holidays. The care packages are made up of a hodgepodge of things: from games to candies to toothpaste. That includes pictures of family members that will mean the world to soldiers that are away from them during the holidays; a familiar feeling that hits close to home for Samantha.

Samantha White of Samantha Marie Photography said, “My little brother is currently deployed and this is his 2nd time overseas and there’s a lot of soldiers that don’t get anything for Christmas and it breaks my heart.”

Disabled Veteran David Littlefield said, “Anything to take these guys’ minds off of where they’re at for a little bit of time is a big help.”

Michele Littlefield said, “What a nice tribute to them, it’s the least we could do for all that they’re doing for us.”

Editing the photos, packing the boxes, and shipping them is a time consuming process that takes up a weeks worth of work. Samantha says, it’s worth every minute.

Samantha White of Samantha Marie Photography said, “I can’t wait to hear what the soldiers think about it.” Samantha says she expects the soldiers to receive their care packages by Thanksgiving.

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