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Littleton To Start Pay Per Bag Trash Program

| March 26, 2014

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For residents in Littleton, the way they dispose of their trash is about to change.

“It’s fair. You pay for what you produce,” said town manager Courtney Toby.

Voters approved the switch to a pay per bag trash program last week. Now instead of paying for garbage in their tax bill, residents will pay by the bag – town officials estimate that this will reduce the mil rate by 1.1 mils.

“It will be best for the town in the long run,” said Toby.

Toby says this will also lower the amount of trash that ends up in the town’s transfer station – which right now is around 500 tons a year. Some of the trash that ends up there, they believe, comes from other communities. Littleton is one of few towns in the county that doesn’t already use the pay per bag system – and not everyone is thrilled about it. First selectman Gordon Hagerman calls it an inconvenience.

He says, “just the idea of actually purchasing them, and then you can only use that one item and then on Saturday morning trash time – ‘wheres the bags?’ ‘Dear, did you get them?’ ‘No.’ ‘Did you get them?’ ‘No.”

They’re also hoping it reduces the amount of money the town pays on trash by 50 thousand dollars a year. This will also encourage folks to recycle.

“We’re creatures of habit. It will get us off our couches to implement recycling, do what we can to reduce our trash output,” said Hagerman.

Hagerman says right now they’re looking at a few different options for the bags – including a 13 gallon bag that costs one dollar, and a 33 gallon bag that costs two dollars. And residents who still want to use barrels will have to get tags. Bags are going to be available at the town office, the Littleton Pit Stop, and the Transfer Station. They’ll know more details after their selectmen’s meeting this coming Monday. They’re hoping to start this program in May.

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