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Libra Foundation Cuts Funding to Maine Winter Sports Center

| February 4, 2014

fundingcut from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The Maine Winter Sports Center will have to find new funding after April 30th . The Libra Foundation has announced they will stop funding MWSC at the end of the fiscal year.

As seven Maine Winter Sports Center Athletes prepare for the Olympics MWSC President and CEO Andy Shepard has another challenge. Trying to find 550 thousand dollars to insure the Maine Winter Center  continues operating after April 30th . The Libra Foundation informed Shepard that they will no longer provide funding after April 30 The announcement will not affect the upcoming IBU World Youth and Jr Biathlon Championships because funding is already in place for the next three months. . Andy Shepard says that he is focused on  keeping the center operating  into the future. .Rene Cloukey has the story.

The next few months will be critical for the Maine Winter Sports Center as they look for 550 thousand dollars in funding to keep the program going .. . Two World Class venues in Fort Kent and Presque Isle and thousands of youngsters on skis in 140 communities in the Healthy Hometowns Program  and several developmental skiers who are competing in National and International competitions could be affected by the cut in funding by the Libra foundation. .   Andy Shepard  was not available for an on camera interview today and  told me he is focused on finding new funding sources to make sure the center continues to operate.

He will be contacting Foundations Individuals and Corporations to look for funding sources. Shepard also announced that MWSC is launching  an on line fund raising campaign on the MWSC Website.

Shepard  said he is confident  that when people look at the success of the program from  Russell Currier becoming the first home grown Maine Winter Sports Center Olympian to youngsters  in 140 communities from Eliot to Fort Kent and Farmington to the outer isles  living a healthy and active lifestyle   that they will want to get involved and help maintain the success of the program. Shepard said he will be working tirelessly over the next couple of months to in the hopes of finding enough funding to keep the center operating..



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