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Lawyerless Defendant Wants to be Sentenced Right Away

| May 1, 2014

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PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – A robbery defendant who stood trial in Maine without a defense lawyer is in a hurry to be sentenced.

Joshua Nisbet, who’s been jailed since July 2011, asked the judge to sentence him on the spot Wednesday after a jury convicted him of robbing a convenience store at knifepoint. The judge said he’d “rather not shoot from the hip.”

The judge had stripped the 36-year-old Nisbet his right to a lawyer after he went through five court-appointed attorneys. The judge said he “forfeited” his constitutional right to be represented at trial.

But Nisbet is no longer lawyerless. His stand-by lawyers, Mark Peltier and Luke Rioux, agreed to represent him at his sentencing next week. The judge also said he’s open to having a court-appointed lawyer for Nisbet’s appeal.

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