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Lawmakers Reject Gov. LePage’s Proposal to Ask Voters About Tax Cuts and Government Spending

| April 2, 2014


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) –┬áMaine lawmakers have nixed Gov. Paul LePage’s proposal to ask voters if they want to cut taxes and government spending. The Democratic-led Senate voted 21-13 in favor of rejecting the bill backed by the Republican governor. Under the measure, the state would hold a referendum asking voters if they want to lower income tax rates, implement alternative taxes and reduce overall tax revenues and government spending by at least $100 million to “make Maine more economically competitive and improve the job creation environment.” Supporters say that voters should have a say on taxes and government spending. But Democrats have said that lawmakers have already rejected similar proposals. They say voters have a say on these issues when they vote for their government representatives. It goes to the House.

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