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Lawmakers Look at Plan to Put More Locally Grown Food in Maine Schools

| January 30, 2014

Farmers Market Veggies

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Lawmakers are looking at a plan to put more locally-grown food in Maine schools. The Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee will hold a work session on a bill Thursday that would provide grants for groups to start “food hubs.” ┬áThose “food hubs” would be where small farmers can aggregate their products to distribute them to places like schools and grocery stores. The bill would also fund programs to train food service workers on the preparation and procurement of Maine-grown foods and create a $6 million bond issue to develop more food hubs. Environmental groups heavily advocating for the bill this session say boosting local food distribution in Maine will benefit the state’s economy. But some farmers say there isn’t space for more food hubs in Maine and question why the government needs to get involved.

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