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Land Speed Racers Return to Loring

| August 30, 2013


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Another land speed event will be held on the Loring runway this weekend, The Harvest Classic will be the first land speed event held on the runway since Bill Warner passed away trying to break the 300 mile an hour mark in a mile. Joe Daly of Loring Timing Association says that Warner will be honored tomorrow morning.

“At 9:58 we are going to stop all racing and have a moment of silence on the track in memory of Bill Warner

Daly says they will also pay tribute to Warner at 12 noon with a special ceremony.¬† Daly says the cause of Warner’s accident has not been determined, but LTA officials continue to look at safety protocols.

” We reviewed all of our safety procedures. We fell confident that we match every other racing association as it relates to safety procedures. As we get deeper into this we will¬† of course anything we can do differently we are going to do it.”

Jesse Michaud of Caribou is getting his motorcycle ready for the event Every racer knows the risks involved.

” Keep going and doing. Bill wouldn’t have wanted any of us to stop. Bill knew what he was doing he knew the risks that were involved with running as fast as he was running.”

Michaud said that Land Speed Racers are a very tight group

“The group of people that we have here is what makes Land Speed Racing so much different than any other form of racing. We have a truly great group of people that makes the event that much more fun.”

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