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Kids Learn Animal Appreciation By Participating in Baby Beef and Pig Raising at Northern Maine Fair

| August 1, 2014


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Some youngsters at the Northern Maine Fair are learning WHERE’s THE BEEF and a lot more to boot. Today is 4H Baby Beef and Pig Day at the fair. Shawn Cunningham reports on how kids are learning important lessons of animal appreciation and personal responsibility.

Clint Goheen is cleaning the stall and making sure his PRIZE PIG, SQUIRT is comfortable. He doesn’t want the stall or SQUIRT for that matter looking like a PIG STYE. This is the first year Clint’s participating in the 4H BABY Beef and Pig competition and auction. He’s learned a lot about taking care of an animal starting with…

Clint Goheen says “cleaning them, shaving them its so hard to lead them around cause you need to practice every single day when you’re at the fair.”

Willie Winslow a¬†Leader for the¬†Aroostook Valley 4 H Club adds “it teaches a lot of responsibility the understanding of everything involved in caring for these animals and how much work goes into raising them and tending them.”

And a lot goes into tending these animals, including feeding them, cleaning them and grooming them. Ellie Goheen’s been showing cows and steers for three years at this fair. She says its hard to raise these animals and care for them…then sell them at auction. Its tough, she’s gained a sense of responsibility…one she can take to college someday along with the auction prize money.

Ellie Goheen says “I’ll put most of it into my college fund and I’m gonna use the leftover money for next year’s cow and cows after that.”

Grace Braley adds “you have to go out and work with buyers and everything that are gonna be interested in your steer and it really helps with people skills and you make more friends.”(track 3)

Helps with people skills indeed. But in more ways than one. The temperaments and personalities of cows and pigs can be likened to people…and so can the resolutions.

Noah Margeson another 4H member says “they’re unpredictable that’s one of the things I’ll never forget…”

SC: So how do you deal with that?

NM: I just I have to find their weaknesses and strengths, so usually its not what it seems…”

SC: a lot like people?

NM: yeah….(he laughs)

You can’t get your way by taking the steer by the horns…you have to gently MOOOO-VE them into your way of thinking. That goes for cows…pigs…and people.

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