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“Kenna Cares Bags” created for children battling cancer in memory of Makenna Ward

| April 18, 2014


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Just days after Christmas, the Houlton Elementary school lost 6-year-old Makenna Ward to cancer, and today her classmates paid a special tribute to her.And as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports this tribute not only supports other children battling cancer, but it also brings Makenna’s dream to fruition.

MaKenna’s Parents Amy and Kirk Ward said, “She was caring, loving, friendly.”

A few words that describe 6-year-old Mackenna Ward, who was a student in  kindergarten at Houlton Elementary. She lost her life just days after Christmas to a stage 4 neuroblastoma. And today, her classmates paid a special tribute to her by filling special “Kenna Cares” bags for other children battling cancer.

First Grade Houlton Elementary school teacher Sarah Estabrook said, “What we were going to do was just put some very basic items in the bag but when the community heard about it they said how can we help what can do, and by the end we had sold 70 bags in less than 40 hours.”

It didn’t stop there- donated items poured in from the community; enough to fill each Kenna Cares bag to the top. Each bag has a variety of thing inside; things like stuffed animals, stickers, even candy, but what each bag really represents is a young girls dream coming true.

“She came up to me one day we were sitting on the couch and she looks at me and goes mom I really want to be able to help some kids. And I said you do, she goes yeah I really want to be able to help somebody how can I help them. And I said I’m not sure we’ll figure it out, and here it is,” said Makenna’s mom Amy.

Each special bag conveying a message of hope, faith, and community support.

Kindergarten Houlton Elementary school teacher Leanne Faulkingham said, “Something really really good came out of something that was kind of sad. And we were able to be a part of this and we can always say that.”

” The world.”

“It means everything absolutely.”

” It means the world that people care, you know, and want to help and want to help us keep MaKenna’s memory alive,” said Makenna’s parents.

And through Kenna Cares bags that memory will touch other children battling cancer, just like she did. Houlton Elementary School plans to make the sale of Kenna Cares Bags an annual fundraiser for kids battling cancer.

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