Job Openings:


The reporter is the foundation upon which the news team is built; they are the most recognizable station ambassadors to the public. A reporter organizes materials, determines slant or emphasis, and writes story according to prescribed editorial style and format standards. Reporter may specialize in one type of reporting, such as sports, fires, accidents, political affairs, court trials, police activities etc.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Write and package their own special reports
2. Read copy prepared by other team members
3. Collect and analyze information about newsworthy events
4. Receive assignment or evaluate news leads and news tips to develop story ideas
5. Gather and verify factual information regarding story through interview, observation and research
6. Monitor police and fire department radio communications
7. Appear on television program when conducting tape or filmed interviews or narration
8. Give live reports from site of event or mobile broadcast unit

Knowledge, skills and Abilities:
1. Take photographs or shoot video to illustrate stories
2. Edit or assist in editing videos for broadcast
3. Confidence and an outgoing personality
4. Excellent communication and presentation skills
5. A flexible approach
6. The ability to improvise when necessary
7. Research and interviewing skills
8. Calmness under pressure
9. The ability to work to strict deadlines
10. A good memory, for recalling scripts and facts
11. The ability to work on more than one task at a time
12. Great teamworking skills.

Morning Anchor/Reporter

A News Anchor/Reporter has the combined duties of both jobs. At WAGM-TV, the Morning anchor may be expected to cover a story after anchoring a newscast.
This is an opportunity for a dynamic morning professional with initiative, drive and high expectations.
This is a multi-faceted position as most positions in a newsroom are today. Candidates must have prior experience anchoring, producing, reporting, writing, shooting and using social media.

This position represents the best of both worlds, as it enables the person to improve reporting and anchoring skills. Many anchors enjoy the chance to get out in the field.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Producing & Anchoring newscasts
2. Daily reporting
3. Contributing daily to
4. Contributing daily to social media
5. Conduct live interviews and take part in live in-studio segments
1. Excellent reporting, writing and anchoring skills
2. 2+ years anchoring and/or reporting experience
3. Possess broad knowledge of local, regional, national and international political, legislative, economic, scientific, arts and cultural affairs.
4. Demonstrated ability to work within a dynamic news environment.
5. Knowledge of and adherence to high ethical standards. Must possess effective communication and interpersonal skills.
6. Must have excellent memory for details, be able to meet frequent absolute deadlines under stressful conditions, and deal effectively with multiple tasks simultaneously.

Sports Anchor/Sports Reporter

A Sports Anchor/Reporter has the combined duties of both jobs. At WAGM-TV the sports anchor is expected to cover stories before or after anchoring a newscast. Sports Anchor/Sports Reporter will set up, shot, write and edit their own stories for broadcast and web as well as present on air.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Expected to bring story ideas to the news department
2. View and log the video, noting the sound bites, b-roll and natural sound
3. Write script
4. Present on-air with cogent, clear, concise and interesting sports segments
5. Shoot video to illustrate stories
6. Conduct live interviews and take part in live in-studio segments

Knowledge, skills and Abilities:
1. Needs to be well versed in sports
2. Ability to operate a video camera
3. Ability to edit video
4. Needs to be outgoing
5. High level of verbal and written communication skills

Apply To:
Write or email, Chris Weimer News Director, please include audition DVD or Upload your best work to YouTube or a comparable video sharing site and provide a link in your cover letter.
Chris Weimer News Director
12 Brewer Road
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Please no phone calls.

WAGM-TV is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

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