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Jesse Marquis Found

| June 9, 2014

JesseFoundVimeo from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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After a week long manhunt,  Jesse Marquis was found Friday morning near St. Francis. The seven day search for the man police say shot and killed his longtime girlfriend, Amy Theriault, is finally over. An intense effort made by multiple agencies that ended in large part because of the remarkable work of one well trained bloodhound.

“The dog arrived on scene this morning headed out around 6:30 and it was actually that canine team flanked by two members of the state police tactical team that encountered Mr. Marquis in a remote wooded area in our search area,” says State Police Troop F commander John Cote.

The Bloodhound, named “Daisy Mae” from the Strafford County New Hampshire Sheriff’s Office, picked up the scent about 90 minutes before Marquis was found, near the St. Francis dump. Officer Cote says that he was taken without incident, “He was still armed with the scoped rifle he had been last seen with on Saturday but he gave no resistance.”

Cote also says that the cooperation from all the departments involved including the RCMP helped end the search in a timely manner, he also wanted to thank the community for allowing them to complete their mission successfully. Cote went on to say, “Any time we asked for (the other departments) assistance they always brought the full power of their resources an there best effort, and that really was a key to this. We also need to extend our thanks to the community of St. Francis not only for basic allowing us to commandeer their fire station and town office for almost a week, but also for citizens putting up with the inconvenience of roads being shut down and you know our search teams suddenly appearing behind their residence.”

As for capturing Marquis alive, Cote says that this is the best possible outcome for the search teams.

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