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Inn of Acadia’s Voyageur Lounge now offering food selection

| May 7, 2014


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Around this same time last year, the Inn of Acadia opened it’s doors to residents and guests in the Madawaska region, and now that same Inn is welcoming those with an appetite to try out a new menu of unique food items at their Voyageur Lounge. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos takes us there..

Samantha Berry is busy whipping up lunch specials at the latest place to offer good eats in Madawaska- The Voyaguer Lounge on the 3rd floor of the Inn of Acadia.

Executive Chef & Manager Samantha Berry said, “All of our fries are hand cut all of our sauces are made by us so everything that people receive on their plates we are actually making by hand in the kitchen and it’s nice to have home cooked but yet still have the upscale atmosphere without having upscale prices.”

Lunch and dinner is offered Wednesday through Saturday, and brunch is offered on Sundays.

Inn of Acadia Owner Jonathan Roy said, “Adding the food service in the lounge just is one more amenity that we need to offer, we knew we were going to offer it at some point we just were waiting for the right time.”

The Inn of Acadia has been open for about a year and hasn’t had a restaurant until now. Roy says know that he’s teamed up with Samantha Berry, the former owner of the Custom café in Fort Kent, the timing is just right. Both say customers can expect 5 star service, fresh homemade food, a great view with an enjoyable dining experience.

“One of the biggest comments that we get from our customers is when they come in here they don’t feel like they’re in the Valley they don’t feel like they are in Madawaska Maine, they feel like they are in the Old Port or they feel like they are in Portland which is a nice experience to bring to some of the local people that don’t ever get the chance to travel downstate,” said Berry.

“Come upstairs, enjoy the views, enjoy the food, enjoy the ambiance, and enjoy the music,” said Roy.

A silent opening was held last weekend, and plans are underway to hold a grand opening the weekend of the 16th.

This weekend a Mother’s Day Brunch will be posted at the Voyageur Lounge from 9-1. Local live entertainment is also offered at the lounge on Friday and Saturday nights.

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