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Ice jams and flooding in Red Bridge New Brunswick cause serious damage to a farm

| April 15, 2014


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Ice jams and flooding of a local river in Red Bridge, New Brunswick has caused some serious damage to a farm and nearly drowned 4 cows. And as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports; it’s affected nearly half a dozen homes in the area.

Owner of Martin Sons Farm Wayne Martin said, “Last night things were happening so fast it didn’t hit me until this morning things were so bad.”

A devastating flood in the Meduxnekeag River nearly drowned 4 cows Monday night. Neighbors and first responders rescued the cattle by boat.

“They tied a rope around me I went in the water, 5 feet of water, jumped in the water and got the calves, and everybody helped they wrapped it with blankets and oh it was awful dear,” said Martin.

Water starting rising very rapidly just before 8 o’clock. Half a dozen homes in the Red Bridge area were affected but the Martin Sons Barn was the hardest hit.

Woodstock Fire Chief Ricky Nicholson said, “As we’re standing right here my personal opinion the water rose between 24 and 30 inches that’s over 2 feet and some say it was higher than that and as you can see in the background the doors of the barn some of them are 8, 10 feet.”

Red Bridge resident Michael Martin said, “I was just in disbelief I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

The same family that owns the barn also own this white house. It has at least 6-8 inches of water in the basement, and all of the belongings that were there, are all gone.

“My cousin that owns the house is away on vacation so it’s not a very good thing for him to come home to, they’ve never gone through this type of thing either,” said Michael Martin.

Residents say they haven’t seen flooding and ice jams like this on both sides of the river in years.

“I never expected it to be quite this bad. I’ve lived here 67 years and it’s the worst I’ve seen,” said Martin.

The Woodstock Fire Chief says as of Tuesday afternoon the water looked about the same way it did Monday night. All they can do is wait for the water to recede and hope more rain in the forecast doesn’t make matters worse.

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