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IBU World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships Wrap up

| March 7, 2014


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The final day of competition at the World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships. The Junior Relays took place and after the event IBU Officials gave high praise to the local Organizing Committee.

The Weather finally warmed up and hundreds of youngsters from throughout the county and as far away as Schenck High School were at the Nordic Heritage Center for todays races.

The German women  needed just four extra shots and they picked up the gold medal by 25 seconds over Russia.  Austria ended up third another ten seconds back.  Canada finished 9th and the US was 11th. and then the men toed the line in the four by 7.5 Kilometer relay and earl yin the race four teams were battling for the gold medal, but in the last two legs of the relay, Germany pulled away and picked up a 52 second win and a clean sweep of the Junior Relay Races. France was second and Russia was third. Canada was sixth and the United States finished 12th. Local organizers and volunteers were given high marks for the event by  the International Biathlon Union

Nuner :”We have happy faces among the Coaches and the Athletes. We are all for the teams here so yes of course the IBU is happy. I can say extremely happy with the whole organization. The whole event was really smooth without any major problems.”

US Biathlon Association President and CEO Max Cobb said it was a great week for the US Team and it is bonus anytime they can compete on home turf

Cobb:” Having the event in the United States just really helps to build the enthusiasm for the sport of Biathlon. For the families of the athletes here it is great to be able to watch them compete. Sean Doherty’s grand parents were here for the pursuit race and that was wonderful.”

Jane Towle was the Event Director and said the volunteers put out maximum effort and ensured the success of the event.

Towle:” This has exceeded not only my expectations, but the expectations of the  IBU.  All of the fans have been really excited about the event. The volunteers have gone above and beyond to create this event going on behind me.”

Towle also said Athletes. Coaches and Officials were blown away by the number of children in attendance.

Towle:” I think these kids will remember this for a very long time. They are going to remember Aroostook County is a place that could put together an event like this and showcase itself on the World Stage.

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