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Husson’s County Connection

| December 5, 2013


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The County Connection at Husson University continues. Kissy Walker has been coaching Husson for the past 23 years and during that time she has had several players from the County in her lineup.


“Everybody always talks about the County and people from the County and I think it is true. They have a great work ethic. They are kind of tough kids.  You talk about Victoria, she came in  as one of the strongest  kids that we have.  She kicked butt in workouts in the fall because she came in in real good shape. I think it’s an asset to Chandler too that she is a tough strong kid.”

Victoria McIntyre of Central Aroostook and Chandler Guerrette of Presque Isle were both 1000 point scorers in High School and are now teammates and in the starting lineup for the Eagles. This is McIntyre’s second year with the Eagles

” It’s a lot different environment.  It’s like you have your family back there for four years and then you are starting over again.  You meet lots of new friends and have a lot of fun. I feel the game is higher paced and difficulty is a lot harder, but if you work at it it can be a lot of fun.”

Just like in High School Guerrette can hit the three at the buzzer to extend a lead. The freshman said that there are some adjustments to the college game, but that the Eagles and Wildcats play similar styles of basketball

“It’s a lot faster even though we do play the same style I played in High School.  We run we press we like to get up and down the floor it has helped me.”

Even though McIntyre and Guerrette are from different towns they feel there is a comfort zone in having a teammate from the same area.

” It’s good to know people when they come. A basic friend zone and then you build your friends around the team.

Guerrette also feels that having someone from the County makes it more comfortable for her.

McIntyre and Guerrette have both had solid starts to the year. They might be playing home games 2 and a half hours away, but they both say they have a solid fan base in the County.

” I got a lot of questions about how school was going and how basketball is going too.”

Most of the time while I am home I get lots of questions. I get comments I follow you all the time and you are doing great. It’s great to have the fans still back there following what I do.”

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