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How About A New Years Resolution To Advance Yourself In The Workplace, And Starting It Now!

| December 12, 2013


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A CNN Report suggests a New Year’s resolution that’s not your typical one. They recommend setting workplace goals to advance yourself at work. And they recommend starting them BEFORE the new year.

Why go for the cliché new years resolution like losing weight. When you can set goals to advance yourself in the workplace.

Peter Lento, consultant from the Presque Isle Career Center says,  “the more able you are to sell yourself, a lot of employers look at that as an investment in the employee, if I can train this person to do something that nobody else can do.

Some of the things you can do is outline where you want to be at this point next year. Make a plan a stick to it. You can count your accomplishments, make a list of them, and add them to your resume. A big one of course is your skills.

Lento says, “Any kind of training, extra certifications that you can get are always a plus, any kind of volunteer experience you do can also be added to your resume and make you a better candidate for promotions or advancement.”

Sometimes advancing your skills outside of the workplace can mean taking a related class at a community college.

Tammy Nelson, Director of Counseling from Northern Maine Community College says, “we have a lot of what we call soft skills that we try to help our students in particular try to make them be better workers so we look at things like communications skills we look at computer skills.”

Lento says, “it’s almost a requirement for a lot of jobs these days just because of how fast technology changes.”

And if technology is changing in your workplace, changing yourself with better skills is the goal for a successful resolution.

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