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Houlton Celebrates Independence Day With Annual Fourth of July Parade

| July 7, 2014


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Our Fourth of July team coverage begins with parades and community celebrations in our area. Shawn Cunningham and Mike McNally start us off in Southern Aroostook with the Houlton Fourth of July Parade..and all the pomp, pageantry and patriotism.

By 10am the streets of downtown Houlton and Market Square were filled with people ready for a parade. The rain held off, making people like John Citron very happy. He came up from Gorham to watch this parade and celebrate the Fourth with family. Everyone has a favorite part of the parade, John’s favorite?

John Citron is a Parade Watcher and says “I like when they bring out the old cars, the old cars are great.”

“I cannot believe for a town the size of Houlton that we have a parade like this its absolutely huge I love the community spirit and the fourth of July is like Christmas for my mother this is one of her favorite days we just really like coming up to celebrate with her.” says BJ Broden.

SC: Family event huh?

BB: “its a big family event and she loves the watermelon.”

And BJ’s mom certainly did get to enjoy some delicious watermelon. Along with good food, people got to enjoy good music, laughter and celebrate our patriotism by paying homage to those who give of themselves by serving in the armed forces…to protect the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans.


The sights and sounds attract people from all over the county…and even the state.

John Tribou says “seeing the kids that play in the band as they come down through and of course the floats the businesses do a great job with the floats they spends hours decorating these floats and its just fantastic.”

Marcia Chapman adds “the floats are always nice and of course all the firetrucks and the tractors.”

Pano Koutsikos says “I like the floats..”

SC: Why do you like the floats so much?

PK: “I just like how they’re designed.”

And Pano was one of many kids who scouted out a great location early along the parade route, with one purpose in mind. Getting close to getting the most candy. But there’s strategy involved.

Sophia Koutsikos Has Strategy For Getting Parade Candy

SC: Candy, are you into candy?

SK: yeah,

SC: so what do I do to get the most candy?

SK: yell…

SC: yell?

SK: yes,

SC: so you’ll teach me how to do a good yell?

SK: oh yes…

John Nadeau and Granddaughter Ashton

SC: So this is Ashton’s first time at the parade?

JN: yes…

SC: what’s the coolest part of the parade

JN: the candy…we’re gonna get all of it.

SC: really do you and Ashton have a plan?

JN: yeah, well how can they not give candy to this kid…”

Riley Prince

SC: do you have a way to get some good candy?

RP: well I just sit close to the road and just wait for candy.”

Candy aside, for other paradewatchers the sweetest part of the parade is being serenaded with the songs that unite us as a country…

Carol Stewart Parade Watcher

“I like the band because my grandchildren are usually in it so I like that and then there’s the gentleman that sings and I love to hear him sing.”

(music fades us out…)

Fireman Fred sings…God Bless America, my home sweet home…God Bless America….my home sweet home…



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