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Hoppity Haven Rabbit Rescue of Houlton in need of donations

| December 6, 2013


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Animal Shelters are known for rescuing cats and dogs. But who would think that rabbits are actually in need of good homes too? Luckily food and shelter is just a hop, skip, and a jump away at the Hoppity Haven Rabbit Rescue in Houlton; and it’s asking members of the community to help it-  help rabbits. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has the story…

Owner of the Hoppity Haven Rabbit Rescue Heather Miller said, “We started it as a sanctuary for special needs, but then it just got out there to everybody that I work with through Humane Societies that we were taking in rabbits and we just got I mean we just got slammed with people wanting to get rid of rabbits.”

Rabbits are the 3rd most surrendered animal to animal shelters, and most just aren’t set up for them. Which is why Miller decided to open a rescue in Houlton exclusively for rabbits. Since the Hoppity Haven Rabbit Rescue opened back in 2010 they’ve rescued over 250 rabbits. Giving the furry animals food, shelter, and one HOPPY ending. But running the bunny saving haven isn’t cheap. It costs between $700 to $800 a month! And every single rabbit that comes through is spayed or neutered:$40 to spay, $80 to neuter.

Miller said,  “Shavings, hay, food, greens, cages, I mean we pay all of that out of pocket.”

Adopting a bunny costs 40 dollars, but loving one as a pet: priceless.

Miller said, “They are a lot like cats I have a lot of them that are litter boxed trained they hop around with my dogs as long as they’re socialized from the very beginning they can be a lot like any other pet.”

Donations would go a long way to help run this Hoppity Haven, to make sure no Peter Cottontails are left behind.

There are only 3 licensed rabbit rescues in the state, and the Hoppity Haven Rabbit Rescue is the only one north of Augusta. If you’d like to donate to the Rabbit Rescue or adopt a rabbit, go to the Rescue’s Facebook page at this link ->

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