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Here’s A Tip on Restaurant Tip Giving

| December 5, 2013


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If you’re scrounging for a little extra cash to make your holiday season a bit happier, you’re not the only one. Restaurant servers heavily depend on patron TIPS as their income.  The assumption is that its okay to TIP LESS or NOT AT ALL for bad customer service. That decision doesn’t just hurt servers…it could negatively impact the local economy as well. Its lunchtime at Café Sorpreso in Presque Isle, a busy time of day for waitress Sarah Grannis. But this is a job she loves and looks forward to everyday.  “I love interacting with people it can be stressful but for the most part it can be a lot of fun,” says Grannis.  And certainly one of the best parts of the job is a well left tip. In fact, Grannis depends on those. “It is very important we are paid under minimum wage and its our full income really.” Over at Governor’s also in Presque Isle, the servers there echo the same sentiment. TIPS are highly recommended and sought after for good service. Waitress and single mom Susan Michaud says it’s the livelihood that helps her support her son. “Its very important its just my son and I its our income and so its very important for me,” says Michaud. Leaving a tip isn’t just about rewarding good customer service but helping Maine workers make ends meet and supporting the local economy as well.” Kelly Desmond is a waitress for Governor’s and adds “like everybody else we all go Christmas shopping and whatever we make we usually use to help our families and if the customers are treating us, we’re treating our families.” And patrons say they understand the importance of leaving a good tip. Some of whom have been on both sides of the table. “If the waitresses work hard and if they’re a good waitress they get a better tip,” says patron Joan Violette. Another patron Cora Curtis says”I think that if you have a good waitress and she treats you right and she’s nice to you then you should tip her because that’s her livelihood and I lnow how it feels when you get people who don’t leave good tips because I used to be one many years ago.” And patron Lauren Sullivan Patron adds “as a former server myself it is what we live off of that’s what we pay our bills with especially around the holiday season its great to get a few extra bucks.” A few extra bucks that GREATLY appreciated by restaurant servers…and can ensure you’ll get GREAT SERVICE the next time you come back.

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