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Helicopter Rides Available at the Northern Maine Fair

| August 1, 2014


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If you’re looking to check something else off your bucket list, Acadian Seaplanes will be giving helicopter rides at the Northern Maine Fair for the next few days.

“Oh yeah that’s the most common thing I hear is like I can cross this off my bucket list. All smiles when people get out. No complaints,¬†that’s always a good thing,” says Helicopter Pilot, Sean Toomey.

And since it was on my bucket list too, Toomey gave me a ride in the helicopter. He says he enjoys flying people like me, for the first time.

“Being able to share aviation with people on a person to person basis, it’s really rewarding,” says Toomey.

“People are always surprised by the perspective. It’s a really cool opportunity and I find that something about the helicopter for people who haven’t flown before, really enjoy the helicopter rides. You know, for some reason if they’re nervous about airplanes, they have no problem at all in a helicopter,” says Ground Crewman Sawyer Fahy.

Acadian Seaplanes is based out of Rangeley Maine. They do scenic rides and seaplane tours. You may have even seen them at the Houlton Fair!

“If it’s something you’ve never done, it’s and unbelievable experience. It’s an opportunity to see Presque Isle from another perspective, and you gotta do it,” says Fahy.

It was great to see the beautiful landscape of the County in a new perspective.

Reporting from over Aroostook County, I’m April Loveland, NewsSource8

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