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Medical Monday 1.13.14: Health Clinic in Fort Fairfield Giving Patients Access to Care Closer To Home

| January 14, 2014

A health clinic in Fort Fairfield is giving residents another access to care option right in their own community. Patient calls continue to come into the Kimball Community Health Center in Fort Fairfield. Since its opening, the clinic has given Fort Fairfield residents another access to care option right in their own backyard. Kim Cousins is a Family Nurse Practitioner for the Kimball Community Health Center and says “I think its important for people to have choices, people shop for healthcare just like they shop for their groceries and I think having more available to people is extremely important.” Those choices are so important, Pines Health Services knew it was a RIGHT CHOICE and good fit to open the satellite clinic in Fort Fairfield offering such services as primary care, lab technician and behavioral health. “People don’t wanna step foot through the doors of what they view as a mental health facility, but seeing your primary care provider when that becomes part of your team and part of your expected service to put the whole body and mind together people are much more accepting of that,” says Norma Watson a Behavioral Health Specialist at the center. Watson treats such behavioral and mental health issues including aging, depression, substance abuse issues and grief or loss. In just 6 months, this health clinic is booming with services like primary care, physical therapy and behavioral health. Patients are taking full advantage of the health offerings right here in this  community and already the clinic wants to add on more.  Cousins says “We’ve looked at having a pediatrician here we’ve looked at obgyn services and we’ve looked at the potential for future surgical services. Right now the biggest offering the clinic offers to patients is its existence. Healthcare practitioners say patients no longer have to travel to neighboring communities for some services. The travel time is less with a viable treatment option nearby.

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