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Health Care Signup Deadline Extended One Day, Some Mainers Have Longer

| December 23, 2013

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The deadline to sign up for health insurance has been extended through Christmas Eve. According to the website, you have to sign up by the end of the 23rd in order to be covered by January 1st…but the Obama administration said Monday afternoon that folks will have one more day. Here in Maine, some people have even longer, ┬áif you’re signing up to be insured by Maine Community Health Options, have got until December 31st.

“Residents of the state of Maine have a little bit longer,” says senior manager of the Aroostook County Action Program Torry Eaton.

However that’s not the case if you’re signing up for Anthem – their deadline remains the same as the national one. 9 certified navigators at the Aroostook County Action Program have assisted close to 700 people with figuring out the system.

“There’s still some ups and downs but we’re having more ups than we’re having downs, and when we’re having trouble getting the 1-800 number which is a hotline and we’ve been real successful with that,” she says.

You’ll notice the website has a new look from when it first debuted. Eaton says now, you can look at plans before you sign up, and you can see if there’s any way to lower your cost. An estimated ten thousand people in the county don’t have health insurance – that’s 15 percent. Eaton says many people that ACAP has helped are realizing that their health insurance really can be affordable.

“Last week we had a really good one, the person is going to be paying under dollars a month for their premium..and that’s very affordable..they didn’t have health insurance right now and to be able to get a health insurance policy for under four dollars a month, we were all excited about that,” she says.

Eaton says when you are selecting a health insurance provider, keep your own health concerns in mind.

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