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Halloween Spending

| October 16, 2013

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Halloween: the time for scares, screams, and candy. Getting to dress up like your favorite character, and be someone else for one night out of the year. All of this however, comes with a price. According to a National Retail Federation Survey, people are expected to spend 6.9 billion dollars on everything Halloween. This includes costumes for both people and pet, decorations, greeting cards, and of course candy. Suprisingly this is down from last year. Stores in Presque Isle however, say they are doing about the same or better in Halloween sales from last year. Chad Gray, the store manager at the Presque Isle Walmart says sales are looking up.

Gray says, “Sales have actually been trending above the corporate average right now. The season really kicks off with candy sales, after the long summer people really get into the chocolate and they start buying pretty much for their own consumption, and then about ten days before Halloween, we really start seeing all the bag stuffers start to take off so they are ready for all the kids going door to door.”

Doug Clifford, the manager of Marden’s in Presque Isle, says they have a better stock this year, so more people are coming to buy.

Clifford says, “Sales are up this year. We got a better stock than we had last year, so that helped us out quite a bit. A lot of people have come in and sorted through, and we are starting to condense down now¬† where the empty spots were and replenish them. Trying to get them set up for the last rush. ”

Both stores offer a range of costumes for everyone ranging in price. They both say there is a costume for everyone whether you go the homemade route, or a costume already assembled. Clifford and Gray say pet costumes are also very popular.

“We’ve got costumes for your loved animal all around, wigs and everything else.”

“People can get as excited about putting a costume on their pet as they do their children.”

Both Gray and Clifford say their Halloween sales are expected to be better than last year, regardless of the National Retail Federal Survey stating sales are looking down.

Whether it be candy, a costume for yourself, or for your pet, people are willing to spend the money to have a great Halloween.

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