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Groundbreaking For New Condominiums To Be Built In Caribou

| October 30, 2013

Groundbreaking For New Condos from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The groundbreaking took place for the first condos to be built in Caribou.┬áThe 1.6 acre lot will be able to house eight families. There will be four buildings with 2 units per building. Each unit is 1200 square feet and includes a single car garage. Troy Haney the owner of Haney’s Building Specialties will be covering the project. Haney says this will be a great addition to Caribou.

Haney says, “The new city management is looking for projects to happen within the town, and working with developers and business investors to bring things to Caribou. This is one of those examples where we had a piece of property that the city owned and we were able to negotiate a deal to enable us to put a project like this together to bring more types of affordable housing to our community.”

Austin Bleess Caribou’s City Manager, is very excited about the project. He says Caribou is a Business Friendly Community, and this project is helping to reinforce that. The Condos will help to keep the people of Caribou employed during the winter months.

“We’ll have construction workers working, electricians, plumbers, builders. They will all be able to keep their jobs throughout the winter months, that may not have been able to before. Anytime you can help keep people employed and add to the tax base, it’s good for everyone” says Bleess.

Construction on the first building will run through the winter, and construction on the second building will begin in the spring. Haney says the finish date will depend on the sales of the first two buildings. These condos will run for 179,000 dollars.

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