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Graston Technique Medical Monday

| September 9, 2013

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There’s a technique in the sports medicine world that seems to be catching on.  Currently 260 professional and amateur sports organizations, including the Miami Heat and the New England Patriots, are using something called the Graston Technique.  It has now made it’s way to the County.   The technique is used to heal chronic conditions like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and even back, neck and shoulder pain. OTR Troy Laplante says that “by using the instruments, it allows us to reach a little bit deeper in the tissue than our fingers would be able to reach and then we can specifically treat that damaged tissue. There are smaller ones for hands, larger ones for backs, things of that nature.”

Laplante adds that this technique increases the blood flow and the histamine response and helps speed up the healing process.  “Sometimes there’s people who have had chronic conditions that they thought would never be helped that we’re able to assist with, even when they thought it was hopeless.”

It  isn’t a quick fix though, like anything, this procedure takes time to work.  Laplante says while performing this technique on patients,  he usually will “see the facial expression and they’ll be like, ooh I felt that and that’s exactly where I’ll feel the restriction and then we just go ahead and work those individual spots, with different instruments. It takes 8 to 12 treatments, you know we’ll see someone twice a week for a few weeks. Usually by treatment 4 to 6, you’ll start to notice a significant difference and they’ll start to notice a significant difference.”

Laplante says the Graston Technique was started in 2004 and since then it’s grown in popularity and he expects it will continue to do so in the future.  Right now, Northern Physical Therapy is the only place certified to do the Graston Technique north of Auburn. Laplante says it’s always best to talk with your primary healthcare provider before trying anything new.

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