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Grant Money Helps Fort Fairfield Middle/High School Students Connect & Prepare for College

| October 15, 2013

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Students at Fort Fairfield Middle High School are getting more preparation for college from new grant money they just received.  It was a long process for the school to even get approved for the grant, but now they have it and are investing into their students.

Fort Fairfiled Middle High School put almost a year into securing a grant for about 50 thousand dollars.  That grant is from the MELMAC Education Foundation, and the school will now have additional money to fund programs that will help students advance.

Director of guidance at the school, Jacquie Martin says, “A big part of what we’re doing is trying to connect students with resources outside our community, whether it’s business professionals, businesses themselves, or local post secondary institutions.”

The idea is to get the students connected with the entities before getting out of highschool.  Now with this new grant money, the school will be able to provide the students with certain outreach programs.

Martin, “Programs like junior achievement which brings business professionals into our school to teach our students classes on finance and business and those sorts of things.”

The MELMAC Education Foundation is a Maine organization dedicated to advancing the cause of education for all Maine citizens.  And through them, Fort Fairfield Middle High School was able to secure the Connect Aspriations to a Plan grant.

Martin says, “This isn’t something that just happens at every school, we’re fortunate enough to have MELMAC funding, so everything we do is gonna kinda be referred to as our MELMAC post secondary day, our MELMAC college tour.”

One of the maine goals the school plans to achieve through this grant is to increase student success after graduating.  Two other schools in the county have received the Connect Aspirations to a Plan grant as well.

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