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Grand Isle’s Only Plow Truck Is Down After A Crash – Nearby Assistance Will Take Care Of Service

| February 5, 2014

GrandIslePlowRecovery from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Grand Isle’s one and only plow truck is still out of commission after crashing on Sunday 2/2/14.   There hasn’t been any snow since, but what’s the plan for if and when it does snow? …and when will the plow truck will be ready for action?

The sander and the plow on the truck sustained the most damage when it crashed Sunday morning.   It was enough damage to put it out of service, and it’s the only truck that the town of Grand Isle has.  But that doesn’t mean the town will be left without plow services.

Joyce Michaud, the Grand Isle Town Administrative Assistant says,  “a couple of companies locally have offered their trucks, a municipality next to us is helping us also they have called us and said if you need any help we’re here for you.”

VO: The truck is a 2003 International and is waiting to be fixed and put back to work.

Michaud says, “we are waiting for the insurance adjuster to come and hopefully it will be worked on and by this weekend we should, if not, we have backups.”

VO: Gary Campbell was operating the truck that Sunday morning when the incident occurred. He was plowing his last stretch of road, going about 25 miles per hour, when the truck hit something.

Campbell’s been plowing for about 7 years now and he says he’s never had an incident like this happen…It happened on the Corbin Road, the sweeper hit a crevice, which was about 8 inches deep when they measured it.   The truck skid across the road, hit a snow bank, did a complete 180 and ended up on it’s side.

Campbell tells me he only had a minor pulled muscle, and was able to get out of the truck on his own.

Gary Campbell says “well the seat belt was the worst part getting off. ”

The Aroostook county sheriffs office says the truck sustained about $5,000 dollars in damages based on an early estimate.

Campbell, “well the sander is pretty well totaled, I need the plow in the front, and the suspension, the shocks and stuff pulled away and broke and they all have to be fixed underneath, a little bit of cab damage where the stack hit.”

Campbell’s fortunate that he wasn’t injured, and says he’s not alone in these types of incidents.

Campbell, “there’s been quite a few plows in the ditch this year because of the weather and – I don’t know, hopefully everybody gets out alright.”

Similar incidents have happened recently in Presque Isle, Madawaska and St. Agatha among other places.

The town selectmen have met to discuss any possible costs related to assistance with plow services until their truck is repaired.

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