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Governor Paul LePage Attends Loring Job Corps Graduation

| March 24, 2014


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Some 40 students from Loring Job Corps got their sheep skins and some sage advice today from Maine Governor Paul LePage. Shawn Cunningham reports.

This graduation march is more than pomp and circumstance for these 47 Job Corps students. It’s one dream fulfilled…graduation and the chance to realize so many more dreams when they leave.

Brendon Griffeth is graduating from the program and says “I walked through these doors with a mindset of opening up and allowing myself to learn and experience all of this and same thing when I’m leaving.”

Bab Cote is one of Job Corps’s Career Counselor and adds “they can’t believe how quickly things have gone for them even through some trials and tribulations they’ve met with lot’s of successes here in the program and they’re really excited about their future steps.”

They’re especially excited to hear the imparted wisdom from invited commencement speaker Maine Governor Paul LePage. LePage has often talked about his humble roots and how hard work and education opened many doors for him…even one to the Blaine House. “It certainly helped me carry through my business career and I hope that if helps one or two of them we’ve been successful,” says Governor LePage.

Job Corps graduates a number of youth with marketable skills in a multitude of career vocations including the culinary arts, transportation, and automotive. But staff say the biggest thing they leave with is a stronger sense of self worth, and a belief they can accomplish any goal they set for themselves. And staff say interacting with these students is even an ongoing life lesson for them. Theresa Dow is an Adminstrative Asstant for Job Corps’ Career Development and says “they teach you as well as you teach them so its a give and take situation and at the end of the day its very rewarding.”

“Its been a long time and its been like forever I was in Haiti I was in an earthquake and I tried to get my GED…it means a lot to me to be one of the graduates,” says Samuel Fontilus a Job Corps Graduate.

“They’re very supportive I mean you have to get in with the right crowd but if you’re willing to make an effort they’re more than willing to help you,” adds Michael Hareter Jr., another Job Corps Graduate.

Help you go onto successful careers and even brighter futures.

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