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Gov. Paul LePage Blasts Legislature

| April 22, 2014


AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Gov. Paul LePage is calling the Democratic-controlled Legislature, “shameful” for blocking his measures to overhaul the state’s welfare programs and change the work permit process for minors this session. ¬†In his weekly radio address LePage blasted the Legislature, saying it is “shameful” that¬†Democrats would rather defeat his administration’s proposals than do what is right for Mainers. LePage also criticized lawmakers for rejecting his bill that would have created special zones where businesses could get incentives and workers would have the ability not to pay labor dues. Democrats have said the governor’s so-called “right-to-work” proposal would’ve been ineffective and would hurt Maine workers. Lawmakers have wrapped up their work for the session, but plan to return next week to attempt to override any outstanding vetoes by LePage.

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