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Golfers Can Play Golf Throughout the Year

| November 20, 2013


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If you are a golf fanatic you don’t have to put the golf clubs away. Presque Isle now has an Indoor Golf Facility. Two golf simulators allow you to play on 45 different courses and not have to brave the cold temperatures.

Golf fanatics can now play the sport they love year round The Par and Grill has been running golf leagues and indoor golf for several years and now there is a place to tee it up in Presque Isle. Patrick Coughlin is the manager of the recently opened Indoor Golf Center and he hopes that golfers won’t be putting the clubs away anytime soon

” From everybody I talked to they seem to think it will go over well here. They said they would use it.”

Golfers can play 9 or 18 holes or they can work on the simulators driving range. The simulator is run through a computer program

” What happens here is we have a ten foot by ten foot screen with a projector that is hooked to a touch screen computer. The computer is linked to a sensor that is hooked to a computer that you tee off from. When you tee off the ball hits the screen and the sensor senses your club angle, the speed of your club and the backspin of the ball.  It relays all of that back to computer.  It will tell you what your club head speed was. It will tell you whether your club head was open or closed. It will tell you the speed at the point of impact.


The facility has two screens and up to four golfers can play on each screen at the same time

” If you show up here to play and you call the number on the door somebody will be here with in fifteen minutes.  What we would like to have is people call for a tee time and just set it up like that.”

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